Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest, can't get enough of you baby!

For many years, I was an email-only chick, through and through.  I hesitate to even say when I FINALLY started texting, but I can assure you that it was long after the rest of the world.  After I tentatively started texting, my next move on the social media front was to sign up for Facebook.  I was pregnant and fighting morning sickness 24/7, so it gave me a somewhat entertaining option that could meet the requirements of staying horizontal on the couch while keeping my mind distracted from the ever-present nausea.  Catching up on the latest adorable pictures of the kids, the recent vacation, the family visit, crazy wedding receptions, the incredible night out with friends.  Does anyone besides me ever feel like I'm comparing the most boring parts of my life with the most exciting parts of everyone else's life on Facebook?  For a few reasons, I decided to take a step back for a while and then re-enter Facebook World more cautiously, including a tighter circle of people and limiting my use so that I still emerge from the office "cave" to interact with the rest of life.

Then, along came an invitation to Pinterest.  A relative who knew of my constant craving for crafting (nice alliteration, thank you)  mentioned that I might want to investigate.  Still being wary of Facebook re-entry, I opted for a Twitter account to access Pinterest.  I will be honest and admit that I'm not exactly swept away in the Twitter craze at the moment.  I'm not married to a Blackberry (I don't even own one!), and I don't feel overly compelled to know every move that is made by people I follow.  I'm a lazy Twitter user, the one who gets annoying messages like "We've missed you on Twitter!" cluttering my inbox.    Nonetheless, it seemed like less work than Facebook so I signed up and connected to Pinterest.

Sigh.  Ahhhh.  Oh, Pinterest, I am drawn to you the way I'm drawn to great design blogs.  I can go on and on.  I confess that there have been a couple of afternoon nap times that were spent getting completely lost in my vision boards or simply surfing the scenery. Tasks that were meant to be accomplished during nap...oops.  Later. 

I am continually boggled by how much creativity is out there!  Amazing.  I'll never be able to actually finish all the ideas I see displayed, but it's fun to dream about some and try a few.

I'm here at Pinterest.


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