Friday, January 25, 2013

Grateful I

It's not November and the month with the attitude of gratitude lists has come and gone.  Christmas, with its constant reminders of family, friends and blessings, has faded into 2012.  I just need--and yes, want--to practice some gratitude today.

The big impact moments of life invoke gratitude.  They're hard to miss.  Most weeks in our lives are not made up of days when lightning strikes, the clouds part, and rays of light illuminate a dramatic twist with a chorus singing full volume.

Minute blessings are too easy for me to miss.  Gratitude is an act, at least for me, of being present in the moment to truly experience and enjoy what is in front of me.  With the ever-racing tornado of thoughts and ideas typically blowing around in my brain, it's no wonder that being present is difficult.  It requires being still.

A little collection of small, being-present-in-the-moment clips from this week for some gratitude...

1.  Insurance!  Some ongoing health-related issues have caused me to appreciate insurance, even with all of its aches and pains.  We also had a fender bender incident.  Ugh, but glad for insurance.

2.  My son learning (and loving) to tell jokes.  Even the really goofy ones, and let's face it, they're all pretty goofy when you're three years old.

3.  A warm house, well-heated through the bitter cold.

4.  Watching my son laughing wildly while running and launching himself into the ball pit.  Never gets old.

5.  Warm blankets on the sofa in front of a fire. So glad for a fireplace.

6.  Apple Cinnamon tea with a touch of honey.

7.  Foot rub trade-off with my husband before bed.

8.  Sweet Clementines.  Mmmm.  We like the Cuties around here.

9.  Fresh Farms International Market.  Unbeatable selection and quality for the burbs of the Midwest.  Looking around at the piles of amazing fresh food will whet your desire to cook while causing you to shake your head at the abundance we enjoy at the same time.  I love seeing the colors and shapes of all the produce, fresh cheeses and other artisan ingredients.  You cannot possibly want chicken nuggets and boxed mac-n-cheese after grocery shopping here!

Practicing gratitude and presence in the moment today.
Will keep adding to this list!


  1. I wanna fireplace. I'm not able to generate a gratefulness list at the moment, praying for the ability to do it soon. Perhaps while we are in Florida it will be easier...

  2. Hope some sunshine and warm sand will be a good cure for the cold, my friend!