Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 and Narnia

The other night I was watching Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  I love these books and have enjoyed the movies too, though I much prefer reading. 

Today I chatted with an individual who has been and still is a wise mentor in my life.  I was sharing some new life lessons I am learning for myself, some other lessons that I'm learning along with my husband in our marriage, and the many lessons I'm learning with my son.  I noted how things seemed to be shifting significantly, but I also hoped I was up to the task, so to speak.

This woman just happened to be watching the same movie the previous evening and mentioned how I reminded her of one of the characters, Lucy.  In one scene, Lucy is walking with Aslan in the forest.  Thinking of the events to come (and those past, perhaps), she says to Aslan, "Oh, I wish I was braver."  Aslan responds, "If you were any braver, Lucy, you would be a lioness."  My friend and mentor said, "If you were any braver, Kristen, you would be a lioness!"  We laughed together and a smile is still on my face now as I send these words across the screen.  Her enduring encouragement and fierce belief in me, rooted in her own seven-plus decades of life and learning, always lift and inspire me.

She then went on to say, "God is moving in your life.  He is moving and His plan is being worked out.  Aslan is on the move this year, Kristen." 

I love it.  Aslan is on the move.  God is on the move in my life, in your life.  As He always is.

Am I listening?  Is my ear tuned to hear His whispers in the wind?  Do I sit still in the forest to hear His footsteps to follow?  Am I focused to sense His guiding hand upon my shoulder as I traverse the land where He has placed me?  Do I trust Him?  Do I anticipate His presence with joy, as Lucy does with Aslan?

Lucy and Aslan.  Kristen and God.  What a picture.  I like it.


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