Friday, December 21, 2012

Faux Holiday Chandelier

Renting poses all sorts of dilemmas when it comes to decorating.  One of the issues in our current house is the light fixtures.  The dated light fixtures, which are not particularly effective, can be a creative and functional challenge.  I have always decorated my dining room chandeliers for Christmas, and I decided to create my own faux chandelier since we do not have one right now.

Project Stats
Time to complete:  1-2 hours, not including the quick spray paint coat I gave the ceiling medallion
Cost:  $9 for ceiling medallion at Home Depot (had all other supplies needed already)

Spray paint
Ceiling medallion
Craft paper
Glue gun, glue sticks
Scissors, hole punch
Tape - Scotch tape and Gorilla tape
Split ring key tags

1.  Spray paint medallion.  I used black for mine.

2.  Make paper medallions.  Fold strips of craft paper into an accordion fold, and then fold in half.  Glue pieces together.  You can choose to decorate the paper medallions with paper shapes and embellishments.

3.  Punch a hole in top for tying ribbon.  Tie ribbon using hole, leaving a long length for attachment to ceiling medallion.

4.  Glue mirrors or other embellishments onto key tags.  Tie a ribbon onto the split key rings.

5.  Begin using tape and ribbon to attach decorative ribbon lengths to the ceiling medallion.  I had to experiment a little with this step.  I threaded some through the center hole and attached some to the outside of the medallion.  I alternated the paper medallion lengths with the mirror/key tag lengths of ribbon.

6.  Using ribbon and gorilla tape for extra strength, I attached ribbon lengths to hold my chandelier and hook it (using floral wire) with a knob on our old light fixture.  I have one tiny knob to work with so it's a bit tricky.  It was important to keep the whole project light so I could safely hang it!

This is the finished product!  Not bad for a faux chandelier made on a rainy afternoon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cate! It was fun to do. I took it down today and my three-year-old was thrilled to play with it. :) I guess it's decorative and good for play too.