Friday, December 14, 2012

Indoor Workouts

The challenge of December running thus far has not been inclement weather, but finding safe times to run with the shortened daylight at this time of year. I also find that my attention wanders and I'm ready for fresh motivation.  Some days we make it to the local Y and some days we don't.  Here are some ideas I use to create my own workouts when I exercise at home.

From my Fitness board on Pinterest:

Home Boot Camp

1000 Rep Workout

Fitness at Home

Home Circuit Workout from Fitness Magazine

At Home Circuit Workout

P90X, Beach Body and Insanity workouts have re-energized the old-school "skill and drill" workouts and inspired a host of new Boot Camp fans, including myself.  I combine 7-12  exercises (ideas from above links), usually taking several minutes to finish one round.

While taking a breather from the circuit, I fold laundry or complete another quick task.  If my son is awake, I play with him or help if needed between rounds.  He will often do exercises with me or sit on my back while I hold a plank or push-up pose.  Hello there, core strength. Sometimes he sits on my "lap" during wall sit...picture him laughing and me pretending to smile through gritted teeth.  Hello there, burning quadriceps.  Some days I do three rounds of the circuit and other days perhaps five or six rounds.

Exercise is not a priority for everyone.  Sometimes we are in a season of life that is tough.  But if you desire to make it happen, I encourage you to try even when it's not convenient.  This says it best...

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