Friday, December 7, 2012

Mantel Garland

I love garland on a mantel.  I love it even more if I can make it myself!

I found this inspiration here and gathered these items from the abyss in my basement laundry/craft/extra pantry/storage space.

Decorative paper
Template (print below link or draw your own)
Decorative brads
Split ring key tags (any office supply store)
Embellishments (I used mirrors and scrapbook items)
Glue gun

1.  Print the pointsettia garland template found here and cut patterns out.  I used black and white decorative paper to cut out the layers for the flowers. 

2.  Use brads to attach layers together in the center of the flower.

3.  Glue embellishments to the split ring key tags as desired with glue gun.

4.  Adhere paper flowers to the twine with your trusty-ever-present-where-would-I-be-without-you glue gun.  Slide the split ring key tags onto the twine, poking the split ring through the center of the twine so it stays in place.  I alternated the flowers with key tags.

My son's artwork to the right.  He couldn't wait for me to hang it!

Rookie notes for next time...
-Use three layers to make the flowers appear more full.
-Glue the flowers near the top of their shape so they don't have a tendency to tip downward once adhered to the twine.
-Make two strands for a more striking focal point!

I still like the overall effect and will try it again, tweaking with my rookie notes.  That's part of what I love about creating...each time it grows and becomes more beautiful!  There is also fun in the learning process, if you can relax and enjoy the imperfection in messiness.  Kind of like life, I say.
Have a great weekend!

Sharing this project here at Five Days...5 Ways.


  1. that looks great! the only garland i've ever made myself was bunting with staples and tape. i don't think that's something to be proud of, lol. happy holidays!

    1. Thanks! Whether it's garland or not, you're doing a lot of great things. :) Loved the tablescape--just saw your blog for the first time today. Thanks for stopping over here!