Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Monday

Mondays have often been ripe with opportunities for complaint.  I'm not proud of that admission but it's true.  Somehow the hump of leaving the weekend and entering a new week is a transition that is bumpy and even makes me apprehensive, though the truth is that I have many opportunities and blessings in my life.  I love Lisa Leonard's weekly habit of greeting a new week with joy.  It helps me to look at the landscape of my entire week, name the challenges and recognize the gifts I take for granted every day.

Hello to time with my favorite guys after a fun weekend.  I feel like the three of us are being drawn together in a new way, discovering unity and identity as a family.


Hello to changing some old habits.  Part of that means booting out TV time.

Hello to meditating in the Advent season, carving out time to focus on the meaning of Christ's birth for the world and for me personally.
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Hello Proverb I'm working on this week...
Proverbs 12:18  Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
I'm challenged by the way I answer impatiently, impulsively, without pausing for a more intentional response.  How I would love to bring healing with my words!  This carelessness particularly emerges with my family and I'd like to do better.

Hello to the gym...haven't seen you in a while.  Still pounding the pavement but also starting to move indoors.  Running is wonderful but I can tell there are neglected areas that are sore, sore, sore, from the new challenges in resistance training and bootcamp workouts.  

Hello weekly tasks.  Hello Christmas shopping (didn't even start last week).  Hello to updating my teaching certification.  Hello to a couple of Christmas celebrations.  May I use these days I've been given wisely.

Sharing this here for Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard.  Also discovered Life on LeRoy's blog (life lately link up) and sharing there for the first time. 


  1. happy monday.
    less tv and more workouts...sound like some great hellos.

    1. Thanks. Would love to think that I'm above the TV time-suck, but I'm not.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)
    I love your idea about changing some old habits. But it's oh sooooo hard to do...wish I had more will power!