Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bright Spot on a Cloudy Day

The great mounds of snow are melting...for the first time today I got to my car without climbing any snowdrifts!  I wish I had some pictures of myself climbing the drifts juggling my son, my bags, my keys, and any other "necessary" equipment for our outings.  Needless to say, no sexy stilettos have any place here!  The weather has done a 180 degree turn and now we are climbing up toward 60 degrees--in February.  The day has been a bit gloomy outside and I've been enjoying the opening of my latest collection of blooms.  I'm also motivated to get acquainted with my Casio to improve the pictures I'm taking, even if it is a little point-and-shoot camera!

I'm thinking today of how the beautiful colors and designs of the opening petals bring brightness to a scene, even if the rest of the backdrop is gloomy and wet.  It challenges me to live that way myself.  Even if my circumstances are less than perfect, can I choose to shine anyway?  I hope I can walk through much of life like that...brightening a situation with a heart attitude of peace and joy despite my circumstances.  After all, that is TRUE beauty, isn't it?


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