Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apartment Decor Updates

Unfortunately I have a sick kiddo this week.  Most days we are on the go, out and about town, visiting friends and playing together.  Not feeling well, my little guy has been content to just hang out, which leaves mama with no opportunity to trek outside (more about outdoor trekkin' soon...the weather with a little one has meant I need to explore in other ways!).  So in the little windows of time when I'm not taking care of my guy, I've been working on a couple of tasks at home.  I have a craft project that will be posted about once I am all done, so I'm excited to get that finished!

I also updated my kitchen chalkboard...long overdue.  When we first moved into our apartment, I had a long space that needed "something."  I took an old mirror we had, painted the mirror with chalkboard paint, sanded the frame down to look more distressed and hung it up next to the cabinets.  It fit perfectly!  My next thought was that I would write the new menu for each week on it.  Yeah...right.  I haven't exactly kept up on that, and our friends probably think that we eat the same meals week after week. 

I decided to write something besides the menu and opted for some of my favorite herbs and flavors instead.

I also added a touch of Spring and Easter to my dining room.  When I was at Target recently, I found some blue and tan eggs with nests (vase filler) which I used around the room.  I'm loving birds as well...

  It's good to keep creative when I can't get outside as much--it keeps me in a good place and loving life!


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