Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creative Inspiration

I am in awe of people who can draw, especially since I can't begin to get past a basic stick figure.  It amazes me how artists are able to extract images from their minds and send them through their hands and fingers, the ideas spilling out on canvas for the rest of us to enjoy and learn.  There are so many avenues of creativity that inspire me to try something new, allow me to relax and take in the beauty, or challenge me to think differently.  Whether the creative juices flow through writing,

through painting,

through cooking,

Photo courtesy of Country Living

through decor,
Photo courtesy of Country Living
through clothing design,

Photo courtesy of Real Simple

through architecture,

Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Sullivan

through His creation in nature,

or the countless other ways we see creativity displayed, God has given each one of us unique talents to share with the world.  How are we doing with using our talents--our own special brand of creativity--and blessing others today?


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