Friday, March 11, 2011

A Friday Aftenoon

It looks like spring today and it feels more like spring today.  We're even going to Spring Forward this weekend.  These brought some of the spring mood inside...

I decided for certain on Ash Wednesday what I wanted to focus on for the next 40 days.  While some of those thoughts are personal, I will share that I want to work on being fully present in each moment.  I desire to discipline my mind not to run unleashed through all of my concerns, to do lists, and ideas so much that I forget to engage in the beauty of each small moment.  I am so much more grateful and content when I live this way.

I was reminded of this as I took my camera and began snapping some photos today.  Plants and flowers always encourage me to be present in the moment, because I stop, crouch, lean forward, and focus carefully so as not to miss out on the artistry of each small detail masterfully designed by our Heavenly Father.  What would it be like if I engaged in this manner more often?  Would I notice more people in need?  Would I catch a smile more often from my family?  Would I spend more time in awe at the work of God's hands?  How many times have I missed something precious?

I hope that I will discover more about living into each moment so I don't lose out!  It's a challenge to change old habits and start new ones.  But I love it when something fresh and new is blooming.


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