Monday, March 7, 2011

Gifts from the Weekend

I returned yesterday from a refreshing weekend in Oak Brook.  I had my friendship tank filled to the brim with great conversations.  Some were funny, some were serious, some were revealing, and some were instructive.  I even got a good makeup tip (Bare Minerals, anyone?).   Both Saturday and Sunday mornings allowed for a walk on the area paths with a friend.  Yup, we bundled up and braced ourselves against the wind while we chatted non-stop about life (thanks to my sweet roommates for putting up with my early rising!).  That's what I love about spending time with women, especially my sisters in Christ this weekend.  It is so incredibly good in our current culture to see and actively experience TRUE beauty, which I observed in a community of women seeking and worshiping God with all of their hearts.

My life's journey over the last ten months has been pointing my heart and mind to the state of my soul.  God has used multiple tools to lead me to new places of healing and learning.  I have been striving daily (often minute-to-minute!) to train my thought patterns not to drown in the lethal cocktail of anxiety and insecurity, and to lean into scripture like never before for the only effective antidote.  This weekend was a resounding affirmation to these past months and my current efforts to live out the truths I am learning in fresh ways. 

One of the workshops I attended, taught by Susan Shadid, was called Liturgy Matters.  Not growing up in a liturgical setting and having little exposure to many of those traditions and their related history, I found it intriguing.  I am fascinated by the idea of following a rhythm of time that draws my mind to Christ throughout the year.  As a result, I have decided that for the first time I will participate in the Lenten season this year.  I will be attending an Ash Wednesday service this week and am now reflecting on how I personally will use these 40 days to contemplate Christ's sacrifice and what this means in my life (there is a helpful overview here).  I am eager to experience this Lenten season and wonder how it may impact Easter weekend, which often goes by with a nod and a prayer...topped with a loaded Easter buffet that leaves me stuffed and more interested in seeking a nap than in celebrating Christ's miraculous resurrection.

I am so grateful today for the gifts from this weekend.

           Blessings to you today as you trek through life.  May your soul know true beauty.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Were you in Oak Brook, IL?

  2. Yes! Are you familiar with the area? By the way, if/when you reply, can you let me know if received this message clearly? I just put in a "reply" option and I'm not sure if it's working correctly. @Mochamama